Topographic Anatomy and Operative Surgery. Workbook. In 2 parts. Part II

1820 руб.

This workbook on the subject “Topographic anatomy and operative surgery” was prepared by the staff of the department of operative surgery and topographic anatomy of the Sechenov University following the requirements of the federal state educational standard of higher professional education in specialties “General Medicine” and “Pediatrics”.

In the workbook topics are grouped by the discipline sections. Its first part contains areas devoted to the subject of topographic anatomy and operative surgery of the upper and lower extremities, head and neck. The second part includes the abdomen, pelvis and chest.

This workbook is intended for students of general medicine and pediatrics departments of medical universities.

The factual material underlying the workbook is contained in the textbooks “Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy” edited by V.V. Kovanov (1995, 2001), “Topographic anatomy and operative surgery” by A.V. Nikolaev (2007, 2009, 2015).

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