Diagnostic radiology : textbook

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The textbook contains the basic principles of radiation diagnosis of injuries and diseases of human organs and systems, the characteristics of all methods of radiation diagnosis with a description of the physical principles of imaging. The radiation anatomy of human organs and systems, as well as the features of research, are described from the modern point of view.

The possibilities of radiation research methods in the diagnosis of diseases and injuries of various organs and systems are reviewed. The radiological semiotics of injuries and the most common diseases of the skeletal system, organs of the thoracic cavity, abdomen, pelvis, as well as the brain and spinal cord are described in detail. At the end of each section, the indications for the use of a particular method for examination of various organs and systems are represented accurately.

The textbook was composed in compliance with the modern requirements of the Federal State Educational Standards of Higher Education and is intended for the medical students of the departments “Radiation Diagnosis”, “Radiation Diagnosis and Radiation Therapy”, “Radiation Diagnosis (Radiology)”; may be useful in the implementation of the principal educational program of the postgraduate professional education in the training of highly qualifi ed specialists in the discipline 08.31.09 “Radiology”.

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